Staten Island Technical High School Fees, Admission Process, And Ranking

Staten Island Technical High School Fees, Admission Process And Ranking Check here Staten Island Technical High School admission complete details, Staten Island Technical High School Admission Form Important dates at-

SI Tech blends the intensity and activities of a large specialized high school with the welcoming ambiance of a local school. It’s a welcome environment for high achievers of all kinds: self-starters, youngsters who enjoy tinkering, and even creative and artistic types. Because of the school’s large selection of Advanced Placement (AP) coursework and connections with colleges, students begin college-level work as early as 9th grade and many graduates have anywhere from 16 to 60 college credits.

Staten Island Technical High School (SITHS) is one of the nine specialized high schools in New York City and is a top-rated public magnet high school. Staten Island Tech provides a fully free college-preparatory education to around 1330 students, including specialized scientific and engineering courses. SITHS is absolutely unique, with outstanding academics, a varied student body, and intriguing extracurriculars.

Staten Island Technical High School (SITHS) is the island’s sole specialized high school. SITHS has developed a reputation as a specialized high school that strikes a balance between the demands of excellent STEM education and the requirement for tranquility in the student population.

Students say they have typical homework loads of 2-3 hours per night, but they are less stressed than their peers at other specialized high schools. When students come at SITHS, they get a laptop for personal school use. Nearly every classroom, where education technology is integrated into most classes, demonstrates this dedication to technology in the classroom.

Staten Island Technical High School

Ranking of Staten Island  high school

New York’s Staten Island Technical High School is placed eighth. Advanced Placement® courses and examinations are provided to the students of Staten high school. Staten Island Technical High School has a 100% AP® participation rate. A total of 64 percent of students are from a minority group, and 47 percent of students are economically disadvantaged. Staten Island Technical High School is one of New York City Public Schools’ 542 high schools.

In the National Rankings, Staten Island Technical High School is rated #63. Schools are graded based on how effectively they are able to prepare pupils for college challenges and how well they are able to do on state-mandated examinations. Staten high school location 485 Clawson Street, Staten Island, NY 10306 is the address for Staten Island Technical High School. It is Staten Island’s sole specialized high school.

Admission to Staten island technical high school

The SHSAT, which is usually offered on the final weekend of October, is the only admission requirement for Staten Island Technical High School. That’s correct. There are no further interviews or application essays, and Staten Island Tech does not look at your grades or attendance.

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The SHSAT cut-off score at Staten Island Tech is usually the second highest. To be approved, students must still have a high SHSAT score compared to other students who took it that year, as well as a highly rated SITHS.

Process of New Admission

Although Staten Island Tech’s admissions process is straightforward, it is not without its challenges. Students must register for and complete the SHSAT (Specialized High School Admissions Test), a challenging and demanding exam, in order to apply to SITHS.

Only around 5000 of the approximately 28,000 students who take the SHSAT in a given year obtain an offer from one of the specialized high schools, according to the NYC Department of Education. Students rank the institutions in order of preference, then must score over a specified cut-off score in order to be accepted to their preferred school.

If you wish to attend Staten Island Technical High School in particular, you must register for the SHSAT with it as your first choice school. Students who score better than the cutoff are immediately put in their top preference school.

Specialization of Staten island technical high school

Staten Island Tech has a specialized scientific and engineering program. Students in the school’s Pre-Engineering Career & Technical Educational (CTE) program can choose from a number of courses to help them prepare for college and the job. In fact, 68 percent of SiTHS graduates go on to work in a STEM field. “Computer Design and Civil Engineering,”

“Electronics,” and “Robotics Engineering and Design” are among the courses offered.

Another unique aspect of Staten Island Tech is that it is the sole foreign language provided to pupils, a tradition that dates back to the school’s establishment at the conclusion of the Cold War.

Staten Island Tech provides a wide range of AP courses (15 in total) and encourages students to be well-rounded and involved in the community. In addition to over 80 clubs and affinity organizations, SITHS boasts excellent athletics, drama, and community service programs. Staten island technical high school has specializations in several fields.

Academics at Staten island technical high school

SITHS’s curriculum is fully college preparatory, with a strong emphasis on science and engineering. Electronic devices such as iPads, tablets, and laptops are frequently used to supplement classroom learning. Intro to AV Engineering and TV Studio, Intro to STEM Engineering and Robotics, and Intro to AV Engineering and TV Studio are all required engineering classes for students. academics at Staten high school are great.

Extra activities at Staten island technical high school

SITHS has a vibrant theatrical department that includes shows like music and a spring musical. Heather Brown, a drama teacher, directs the theatre department in collaboration with the school’s Tech Crew, a group of students entrusted with maintaining the theatre and controlling the auditorium’s sound and lighting. The school built a new television studio in 2011, which will collaborate with the Tech Crew and give a distinct element of technical operations. there is a large number of extra activities at Staten high school.

Academic teams from SITHS compete in a variety of regional and state-wide contests. In the NYC Regionals, the Science Olympiad Team came in second. Many members of the Math Team qualified for AIME by winning first place in the Staten Island Mathematics Tournament in June 2019.

SITHS’ sports program is run in collaboration with McKee High School, and the MSIT Seagulls are their joint teams. Football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, fencing, swimming, and track & field are among the sports that MSIT teams compete in.

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