Bronx high school of science Admission Process Details

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The Bronx High School of Science is a prestigious New York City public high school. It is one of nine “specialty” public high schools run by the New York City Department of Education in New York City. it is situated in 75 W205th St, Bronx, New York 10468. It is widely recognized for its quality of education.

Bronx Science is one of the top 50 high schools in the country, as well as one of the top few in the state of New York. More former students than any other secondary school in the world have won the Nobel Prize in Science.

Bronx Science has been recognized as one of the greatest public or private high schools in the United States, consistently ranking in the top 100 on U.S. News & World Report’s lists of America’s “Gold-Medal” high schools.

Bronx Science was ranked 34th out of all high schools nationwide in 2014, and second in New York State; nationally, Bronx Science was ranked 33rd in 2008, and 58th in 2009. It draws an academically bright group of students from New York City who are culturally, ethnically, and economically diverse.


New York’s Bronx High School of Science is ranked the sixth position. Bronx high school has advanced placement courses and examinations available for students. At Bronx High School of Science, 97 percent of students take APĀ® courses.

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A total of 79 percent of students are from a minority group, and 50 percent of students are economically disadvantaged. Bronx High School of Science is one of New York City Public Schools’ 542 high schools.

Bronx high school of science Admission Process Details

The National Rankings place Bronx High School of Science at number 41. Schools are always graded on how effectively they are able to prepare students for college and how good they are on state-mandated examinations.


To get admitted to Bronx Science, you must have a high SHSAT score compared to other students who took the test that year. The SHSAT cut-off score for Bronx Science is the third highest. Bronx Science, in other words, does not examine previous standardized test results, transcripts (grades), attendance, or writing samples. There is no interview, either; instead, the SHSAT is administered over the final weekend of October. Bronx high school admission process is quite as follows


The only requirement for admission to Bronx Science is that you have a good enough SHSAT score. All current eighth-grade or first-time ninth-grade students who live in New York City are eligible to take this 3-hour test.

If you wish to attend Bronx Science, you must register for the SHSAT with it as your first choice school. Because of how the system works, you will be automatically placed in your first choice school if your score exceeds the cutoff. After the exam, you will not be able to modify your initial decision. This implies that if you have a high enough score for Bronx Science, you will be admitted to Bronx Science.

Bronx high school for medical science

Bronx High School for Medical Science is a small school that serves students in grades 6 through 12 and allows them to participate in advanced scientific research and shadow healthcare experts. The school has a high percentage of attendance and graduation. By the eighth grade, around half of the kids had earned high school credit, and by graduation, the majority have begun college-level study.

Medical scrubs are used as uniforms, in line with the school’s concept. Students in grades 6 to 8 follow a modified middle school model in which they stay in the same classroom and subject instructors go to them.

According to the 2016-17 School Comprehensive Education Plan, high school students do research under the supervision of medical experts and enroll in college classes at Bronx Community, Hostos Community, and Lehman Colleges (CEP).


Bronx Science students, as the name indicates, excel in science and math, but all students must complete a well-rounded and difficult academic course load.

Bronx Scientific does not require you to be a math or science whiz. Many kids who are interested in the humanities thrive at Bronx Science. However, you must be academically motivated and seek out difficult assignments.Bronx high school has specializations in several fields

Aside from the many college-level languages, literature, and history programs available, students interested in the humanities can work on the literary journal, the student-run weekly news show, the newspaper, the yearbook, or join the national-ranked Speech and Debate team! It was just featured in New York Magazine and Fox 5.


Bronx Science provides a strong foundation in English, Biology, Physical Science and

Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Social Studies, World Languages, the Arts, Health and Physical Education, as well as Advanced Placement, college-level, Honors, and optional courses. Academic life at Bronx high school is very competitive.

Students in the biological sciences have the option of taking a specific “honors” biology course that includes more laboratory time. Microbiology, physiology, forensic science, human genetics, evolution, astronomy/astrophysics, organic chemistry, electronics, epidemiology, neurology, and other science electives are among the options. 

The mathematics department provides AP calculus and statistics, as well as multivariable calculus and computer science courses, such as multivariable calculus and partial differential equations and AP Computer Science A. In the autumn of 2007, a course in linear algebra and differential equations was given for the first time.  The institution planned to accept an astronomical observatory in 2023.

College placements

In recent years, the guidance office has grown to include 12 counselors, some of whom also serve as college consultants. In addition, there are two members of staff who solely function as college counselors. Bronx high school placements speak through its results.

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Admissions officers visit the campus, and Bronx Science graduates perform practice interviews with seniors, according to the college office. Students attend a variety of top-tier private universities, as well as CUNY and SUNY schools, including Yale, Tufts, Wesleyan, and Barnard, to mention a few.

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